Rite of Passage

Change your life! Embark on the most recognised and respected modern initiation experience for men in the world: The New Warrior Training Adventure (NWTA).

Men’s Circles

Get the skills, awareness and support
you need to become the person you want to be. Join an MKP Men’s circle to see how alive, successful, inspired and grounded you can be.

Next-Level Training

Go deeper, beyond the NWTA. Become a more conscious and connected partner / father / leader as you explore and improve your connection to healthy, mature masculinity.

Learn to trust and believe in yourself

ManKind Project Australia are the holders of a sacred, male rite-of-passage ritual. We empower men to become the person they want to be through time-honoured learning experiences and fierce, loving support.

We are an open door for all men. We support them to stand up into and own their truth.

Hear and see what we do

The best way to find out what ManKind Project and the New Warrior Training Adventure offers men is to let them do the talking.

Or you can visit one of our regular groups and experience for yourself what the ManKind Project is about.

Call to Adventure

The call might show up as a painful wake-up. It’s an invitation to become the hero in your life. You’ll probably refuse it at first. Over time, the call grows louder, allies appear to help you on your way, and the pain of staying stuck grows more acute.


Once you’ve decided to answer the call … prepare for the abrupt separation from what you’re used to.


Road of Trials: Face the truth about yourself: accountability, integrity, risk, and adventure.

The Ordeal

Do you have the GUTS to confront the ultimate power in your life? You won’t be alone.

The Gift

See the world, manhood and yourself with compassion, possibilities, and deeper purpose.


With your new awareness and a hard-won victory, you return to the ‘normal’ world.

The Integration

Reconnect to your place in the world with a clearer vision of the future.

Be the hero of your story

Join your brothers in mastering new skills and deepening community as a New Warrior Brother.

New Warrior Training Adventure

48 hours that will transform your world as a man

Make a powerful commitment to your personal development.


Take a journey that will fundamentally alter your experience of manhood and the world. Improve every relationship, starting with your relationship to yourself. Learn how to show up as the man, husband, partner, father, and brother you were born to be. The New Warrior Training Adventure is a life-affirming, personal-development event, honoring the best in what men have to offer the planet.

Understand and overcome your fears and limiting beliefs

Latest News

Hear how others have benefited from our time-honoured learning experiences and Men’s Circles.

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