What is an NWTA?

A time-honoured, Rite of Passage weekend that will transform your life and world as a man.

Why do an NWTA?

Take a step towards becoming the partner, husband, father, brother, friend, leader you want to be.

NWTA dates & locations

When and where you can do a New Warrior Training Adventure in Australia.

Change your life

Embark on the most recognised and respected modern initiation experience for men in the world.

Take a journey that will fundamentally alter your view of masculinity and how you show up in the world. Improve your relationships, starting with your relationship with yourself. Learn how to become the husband, partner, father, brother and friend you want to be. The New Warrior Training Adventure is a life-affirming, personal-development weekend, honouring the best in what men have to offer the planet.

A 48 hour journey that will transform yourself – and your world – as a man

New Warrior Training Adventure

Become the partner, husband, father, friend, leader you want to be

The NWTA is a life-changing journey of initiation and self-examination. It’s a spiritual Rite of Passage that recreates the mythical Hero’s Journey for modern men. The NWTA has helped tens of thousands of individuals improve their lives by exploring and enhancing their connection to healthy, mature masculinity. This weekend-long learning experience will challenge, support and empower you to become more authentic, grounded and free as a man.

Individuals from all walks of life do the NWTA. Men like you. Gay, Bi, Non-binary and straight men. Fathers, sons, brothers, husbands and lovers. Tradies, professionals, office workers, athletes, business people, labourers, artists, soldiers, teachers – from every role in life. Individuals of all ages, races, faiths, nationalities and creeds are amongst our ranks and have benefited from improving their connection to the mature masculine.

What’s in it for me?

A life-changing weekend

Over 48 hours you’ll have the opportunity to take a good, hard look at the life you’ve created. What’s working, what’s not, and what do you want to change?


You’ll be challenged – and supported – to overcome your limitations. You’ll have the opportunity to face and work through some of the deep fears and wounds you carry – the things that keep your life from working the way you want.


You’ll form a deep connection with yourself, you’ll build deep connections with other individuals, and you’ll experience the love and support of a community of men working to better themselves and the world. You’ll come away with a clear sense of what you need to create lasting change. And you’ll know what steps you need to take to become more empowered and centred in your relationships to family, work and your community.

Make a powerful commitment to your personal development.

Call to Adventure

The call might show up as a painful wake-up. It’s an invitation to become the hero in your life. You’ll probably refuse it at first. Over time, the call grows louder, allies appear to help you on your way, and the pain of staying stuck grows more acute.


Once you’ve decided to answer the call … prepare for the abrupt separation from what you’re used to.


Road of Trials: Face the truth about yourself: accountability, integrity, risk, and adventure.

The Ordeal

Do you have the GUTS to confront the ultimate power in your life? You won’t be alone.

The Gift

See the world, manhood and yourself with compassion, possibilities, and deeper purpose.


With your new awareness and a hard-won victory, you return to the ‘normal’ world.

The Integration

Reconnect to your place in the world with a clearer vision of the future.

Be the hero of your story

Join your brothers in mastering new skills and deepening community as a New Warrior Brother.

The ‘Adventure’

What we can tell you

The NWTA is a weekend, live-in camp that runs from around 6 pm, Friday to 3 pm, Sunday. There are activities and light-hearted challenges mixed into the schedule to make it both challenging and fun. We find that the more individuals open up to the processes, the more they get from the weekend. So, be prepared to step up emotionally, mentally and spiritually and physically.


Participants usually number around 30 with as many (or more) support staff to keep things safe and supported. The facilitators on-site are diverse – men just like you who have previously completed the training and have experience in guiding you on your journey.


Embracing the unknown

Like any Rite of Passage, we don’t disclose the details of our processes in advance, so you’ll need to be willing to accept that before you commit. That said, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual safety is our biggest priority. We recommend talking to someone before registering. To get a feel for the intention of the weekend, visit a Men’s Circle, call an NWTA organiser or speak with someone who has already done a Training. You can also read our FAQs.

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