Why Men's Circles?

Discover a place where you can connect with yourself and others like never before.

Who can come?

iGroups are diverse. Individuals from all walks of life attend our circles each week.

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When and where MKP men's circles / iGroups (integration groups) are meeting in your area.

Come alive

Discover how alive, inspired, grounded and connected you can be.

iGroup is all about personal growth and connection. Our peer-facilitated men’s circles help you clarify your vision for life, and get the tools, learning and support to become the kind of man you want to be.

Get the skills, awareness and support you need to achieve the change you want.

What are MKP Men’s Circles?

Experience fierce, loving support

Imagine a place where you don’t have to put on a show to be accepted, where you can tell the unvarnished truth about yourself – and your life – without judgement.


Imagine a space where you’re supported to break free of the beliefs that limit and sabotage you. Imagine rediscovering your strength and developing new beliefs about yourself.


Imagine a group which has your back and reminds you of your commitments, so you can hold yourself accountable and stay on track with your goals. And imagine a place where vulnerability is respected and helps foster some of the deepest, most supportive friendships of your life.


MKP iGroups support men and build community. We help each other step through the fear of showing up authentically, powerfully, and vulnerably – warts and all – in life. We work with men and families to build emotionally-mature, accountable, and compassionate men – the male role models our communities so desperately need.

Who comes to I-Group?

A place to discover the real you

Men from all walks of life attend MKP iGroup. Individuals just like you. Fathers, sons, brothers, husbands and lovers. Educated and uneducated men. Professionals, tradies, educators, creatives, office workers, athletes, business people, labourers, artists, soldiers, and unemployed. We are individuals of all ages, races, faiths, nationalities, creeds and sexual orientations.


What we share in common is that we each take responsibility for our lives, and who we are in the world. Through iGroup we support each other to become better men: more conscious, connected, and alive.


At iGroup, you get a chance to look at what about your life is working? What’s not? What do you want to change? You’ll form a deep connection with yourself. You’ll build deep relationships with other individuals, and you’ll experience the love and support of a community of men working to better themselves and the world.

How do I get involved?

Develop deep, supportive friendships

IGroup is a safe space where we gather to provide support to one another and work on issues in our lives. There are no prerequisites to attending – all you need is a willingness to examine how you are leading your life as a man. Individuals benefit from peer group support through facilitated process work which empowers them to lead the lives they choose.


We recommend talking to someone before attending. Find a group near you (using the calendar below) and contact the organiser. They will be happy to talk more about how the group operates and how you can get involved.

Men’s Circle dates & locations

Find details for iGroups near you. Use the State and Area filters to narrow your search.



Face-to-face MKP men’ circles, or i-groups, have been suspended for the duration of the coronavirus health and safety restrictions. However, many groups are now meeting online, using the Zoom platform. To join a meeting, find the group, click to open and identify the group coordinator, and phone or text him for group conditions and how to access their Zoom number.




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october 2021

21octSydney - Freshwater i-GroupWEEKLY - Open Men’s Circle - all individuals welcomeState:NSW

21octKempsey i-GroupWEEKLY - Open Men’s Circle - all individuals welcomeState:NSW

21octGardenvale i-Group (closed)FORTNIGHTLY - A Men's Circle for MKP initiated men only (with exceptions agreed by the group)State:Vic

21octMoorooka i-GroupWEEKLY - Open Men’s Circle - all individuals welcomeState:Qld

21octBald Hills i-GroupWEEKLY - Open Men’s Circle - all individuals welcomeState:Qld

21octEast Fremantle i-GroupWEEKLY - Open Men’s Circle - non-initiated men to check with contact firstState:WA

24octRockingham i-GroupWEEKLY - Open Men’s Circle - non-initiated men to check with contact firstState:WA

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