What is Next-Level Training?

Take the catharsis of initiation and transform it into meaningful choices, habits, and actions.

Next-Level Training courses

Training that empowers men to live with profound personal integrity and master conscious leadership skills.

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Learn to change your life from the inside out.

Next-Level Training is a deep-dive into the integration of vision, mission, and action into your daily life. Take the catharsis of the NWTA initiation and transform it into meaningful choices, habits, and activities to manifest your vision in the world.

Get the skills, awareness and support
you need to achieve the change you want

Next-Level Training

Become the individual you want to be

The Next-Level Training is for initiated men who regularly participate in peer-support circles such as I-Groups in which peer-facilitated processes occur.


In your NWTA, you may have been introduced to a deeper awareness of who you are, and how your life works and doesn’t work. You may have learned how to sit in circle with your brothers, and own and embrace the shadows that are at play in your life. You may have tapped into something greater than yourself, discovered your own personal mission of service and chosen to take full responsibility for your life.


Next-Level Trainings further that journey:


  • Discover a deeper mission and gain greater clarity on how you can live your mission throughout your daily life.


  • Go from owning and embracing your shadows to healing and transforming them into allies that support you.


  • Learn powerful facilitation tools that can take your everyday life and iGroup to a new level.


  • Experience a step-by-step process of deep healing and learn to facilitate the same deep healing in others.


  • Add a cognitive context for the work that aligns your head with your heart and adds a depth to your facilitation.


  • Learn mastery of your Inner World, connect to resources and the parts of yourself that live there.


  • Establish a base for your inner work where these parts can gather, work with each other and express your life.

Next-Level Training experiences

Trainings and Programs

Primary Integration Training (PIT) – An 8-10 week facilitated curriculum for men who have completed the New Warrior Training Adventure to learn and practice skills for effective peer-facilitated support groups and I-Group participation. Men who complete the PIT are prepared to be valuable participants in an I-Group or similar peer-support groups.

Primary Integration Training Intensive (PIT Intensive) – A 2 day, facilitated, intensive curriculum for men who have completed the NWTA to learn and practice skills for effective peer-facilitated support group and I-Group participation. The PIT Intensive condenses the curriculum into a 48 hour training that covers the fundamentals for building and maintaining a men’s support group.

Next Level Leadership Training Curriculum – The ManKind Project offers a Leadership Training curriculum that empowers men to live with profound personal integrity and master a wide array of conscious leadership skills. Complete all Leader Trainings, along with extensive mentoring, peer evaluation, and facilitation experience to sit for international certification as a New Warrior Training Adventure Leader.


The Certification track in the ManKind Project takes several years to complete and is geared toward empowering a diverse group of Leaders to facilitate dynamic experiential processes and to lead teams of men to orchestrate complex, multi-day residential programs.


ST1 – Staff Training 1: Dissect the flow and processes of the New Warrior Training Adventure. Take a deeper look at the archetypes at the heart of our work.


ST2 – Staff Training 2: Deep-dive into the central, personal process-work on the NWTA. Gain more understanding about power, privilege and diversity.


LT1 – Leader Training 1: Learn to lead groups and build strong teams with positive interpersonal relationships. Multicultural awareness training on heterosexism. Seven week follow-up training.


LT2 – Leader Training 2: Hold and handle the burden of leadership. Multicultural training on classism / elitism. ‘Whatever it Takes’ follow-up program.


LT3 – Leader Training 3: Examine the predator and victim within us as leaders. Create safety. Multicultural training on sexism. Seven week integration training.

Get the skills to become the partner, husband, father, leader you want to be

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