Father and son

A source of healing & growth

What does MKP mean to me? This community offers a powerful source of healing and growth and brings together many strands of my life.


This community of men and trainings (based on theories of self-actualisation) has offered me experiential and practical tools to heal childhood wounds, and move closer to being the best version of myself. It’s given me a tribe of elders and a community to support the journey through life’s transitions and challenges and to heal past and inherited trauma. An ever-present village of friends and elders we seem to have lost as we moved from our communities to work in distant places, and replaced meaning through connection to family and community, to meaning from work and stuff we own. 


This work has allowed me to move from self-focus to acceptance, service, and a more meaningful and lasting sense of well-being. – Buddhi


It also provides a group of men and weekly meetings I can go to and feel heard and witnessed as I share a painful life event, or do the same for another man. This work has allowed me to move from self-focus, and the need for external validation, to acceptance, service, and a more meaningful and lasting sense of well-being. 


In my judgement, MKP provides some of the most accessible, affordable/free ongoing support available for this healing and complements my other practices. And its given me a healing space to refer clients I work with recovering from addictions, to continue the deeper healing work. Having gained a lot personally, and taken time to check it’s processes around safety (first, do no harm), I feel confident to promote this to others who may be looking for a similar tribe of elders and a healing community that is a 20-year movement expanding across the globe. 


MKP is an antidote to the harms in a society driven by trauma and wounds, be it suicide, violence, toxic masculinity, or rampant consumption that is harming mother earth and threatening our existence, and other external (and futile) means to find inner peace.


If you’re curious, signup for a men’s or women’s weekend training, or drop in and visit a free local Men’s Circle

Buddhi, Newcastle, NSW